What we do

Ajmc Design is an affordable website development & maintenance service for small business, sole traders & individuals.

Allow Ajmc Design to build a clear and professional website for you.

Here at Ajmc Design, we’ve enjoyed helping a number of small business owners and sole traders to present a professional presence online. It is clear that any business, big or small needs to be found on the internet. Having your own domain name and website, will also provide you with your own dedicated email address to promote your business and not someone else’s.

What’s your email address ? 

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For loads of information and to discover just how quick and simple it all is, just call alan – 0414 288 863 or send him an email.

Ajmc Design can and will, help you at every step of the way.

$500 – up to 5 pages.

$400 – up to 2 pages.

$300 – personalised 1 page website.

Your new website will present content such as script, who, what, where, links, photographs (supplied by you or taken by ajmc design), address, email, phone etc. As mentioned, it’s also a great opportunity to get rid of your existing email address, which is more than likely promoting another company and not your own, for example yahoo, hotmail, telstra or others.

You can select the email address you want for yourself…. such as info@, sales@ or for example this fictional address – alan@”yourdomainname”.com.au.

You’ll be surprised at just how affordable and quick it is, website creation / design, domain name selection (if available) and the right hosting plan, we can help with it all and best of all, help to maintain the site for you. We can also set you up to run your own website – it’s simple once you’ve been shown how.

Ajmc Design will help you when you need it. Our main point of difference, is that we can help to update your site when needed, such as a change in address or phone number, or even the odd new photograph, although this is not a full time service offering ongoing major alterations.

For an indication as to the pricing of your website and photographs, please call Alan on 0414 288 863 – or just send him an email.